How to Hack Slot Machines in a Casino Using a Mobile Phone


It's not so easy to know how people do to hack slot machines and win sums of money like for example 25,000 US Dollars or Euros in one or two days. We can make money on a slot machine using our smartphone. We know that slot machines are well protected, but that does not scare people around the world: people who have great experiences! They do it from near and / or far, and it's in Africa, America, Europe, Asia, Oceania and even Antarctica! Indeed, it is only a game and the turn are played! There's nothing to be scared of. Everyone can make money with all the energies provided. Advice on the internet, the advice of people are all things that go far in his research to earn money and live well in peace, tranquility. The sun shines for everyone; each of us to his luck! Let's all go together to discover some tips that could make us happy! Here are some very effective tips to copy and you will know how to cheat a slot machine with a cell phone:

  1. Enter a casino and choose a slot machine and do not so much stir.
  2. Ask as many questions to people as if you were a naive.
  3. Play (without hesitation) while filming and sending (by Viber, Skype or Telegram) to your friend who matches with you from near or far, as many combinations or results that appear on the screen while the rollers rotate. The calculations will be done as much as possible. Together, you will analyze ways that can help you win immediately.
  4. Paste your smartphone on the screen of the slot machine, then trigger the desired game, then put your hand and press so hard.
  5. Press the machine button as soon as possible to stop it after receiving a vibration alert from your mobile phone.
  6. Collect your gain!

Secrets, operation, mechanism of slot machines.

Slot machines have existed since 1895. Nowadays, this iconic and favorite game of the majority of casino players has evolved considerably to spread widely on the planet. The anecdotes, mysteries and secrets of slot machines are not lacking, we will try in this article to clarify some of them to enjoy full and serene of this exceptional game.

How does the slot machines work?

All slot machines have the mission to reproduce the chance to allow players not to know the next outgoing combination and not to anticipate. The operation of slot machines is different from a mechanical slot machine to a slot machine and there are dozens of different operations but the principle remains the same in most cases.

Is it possible to hack a slot machine or find a loophole?

Following many news items, players are increasingly wondering if it is possible to crack a slot machine in order to manipulate the results and hit the jackpot. I'll tell you a secret, we'll answer that zero risk does not exist! As proof, we can mention a group of Russian hackers who managed to hack some slot machines thanks to a slot machine algorithm and their smartphone. These individuals would have managed to predict when a spin would be in favor of the player and pocket several thousand euros this way. Another anecdote tells the story of a young man who managed to exploit a "slot machine fault" by performing many successive manipulations that had the effect of triggering a gain more regularly than expected. However, we must not forget that these phenomena, faults and hacks are exceptional, especially since the slot machines used were mostly obsolete and had a faulty random number generator. Do not believe today that you will be able to manipulate the next draws of slot machines, the slot machine algorithm improves considerably over time and the gaming establishments are putting tremendous measures in place to ensure the safety and security. the reliability of their slot machines. In addition, do not believe the miracle methods you find on the internet, only chance will allow you to win or not on the cash games. Forget the loopholes, bugs, jammers and wicked ways to hack slot machines, believe these methods and download this kind of software, you will only lose your time and money. The casinos or online will be a pleasure to refuse your winnings because of cheating in case of fraud!

The real secret of slot machines is what?

If there was one and only secret to remember is that to win, you just have to be lucky! You can use any method to try to manipulate the rollers, it will not guarantee the jackpot. However, a simple technique to put in place and legal is to maximize its chances of winning by targeting only games with a high redistribution rate. By playing slot machines that offer a higher player advantage, you will win more in the long run than if you were playing a game with a low redistribution rate. For information, find the rate of redistribution of games on our guide or on the help page of the game, if it is between 95% and more, it's good for you! To practice playing slot machines, nothing like the demo version! You now know all the secrets of slot machines, a last for the road: find on our guide more than 2000 free slot machines to play in peace!

In conclusion

We can say that making money is not always easy. But with technology, many things have become simple. Hacking a slot machine is no longer difficult. With a mobile phone, a friend and a social network, everything will be fine! We all know that there are other ways in which we can pass, perhaps these ways are still hidden somewhere in the world. But the day will come to know them. It's just a little patience!